Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico

Snake Tray has been innovating cable management and power distribution solutions since 1996! Our goal is to provide our customers with cost effective solutions that help reduce the total cost of construction. Snake Tray and Mega Snake cable management do not require field fabrication for transitions and are designed with built-in mounting systems. With a unique stackable nesting feature, they allow for lower onsite material handling and lower shipping costs.

Our newest cable management products, Solar Snake Tray and Rail Snake, are specifically designed for solar and rail/transit/tunnels applications and offer the same benefits as our original products. The Snake Bus power distribution system eliminates the need to hard wire equipment and is completely removable, reusable and green. We also design and manufacture a series of data and power enclosures called Snake Box for workstations, call centers and data centers. Snake Tray Custom Solutions services offer engineers the opportunity to have custom solutions designed and built in our factory to solve any challenge in cable management or power distribution.

Snake Tray products are stocked throughout the US to guarantee no delays to our customers. Our 24-hour technical support gives our customers the opportunity to speak with us at anytime to discuss their projects needs. And we welcome the opportunity to help design innovative solutions to make the project install faster. In fact, we are known to design a solution for a customer and have the product built within a day.

We are proud to be a US manufacturer located in Bay Shore, New York. Our state of the art factory stands ready to handle any size job. We are the first in our industry to embrace renewable energy resources by powering our factory with our very own rooftop solar array. Snake Tray continues to automate and streamline our manufacturing techniques to produce high quality products while practicing green principles of reducing waste, saving energy and utilizing resources wisely. All of our products are green!

Snake Tray is extremely proud to be part of so many great projects. We feel privileged to work every day with engineers, architects, contractors, distributors and end users in a vast array of industries in the USA and throughout the world. We look forward to continuing to serve our customers with products and solutions that offer cost effective and time saving benefits. Thank you for the business. We look forward to working with you on your next project!