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Leading Manufacturer of State-of-the-Art Communications Products Proudly Serving Global Industries Across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia since 1962.

Our Philosophy:
We will go beyond simply generating profits to develop forward thinking competencies by innovating our business models, developing environment-friendly high-quality products and reinforcing our partnerships with stakeholders as the best partner that will maximize customer values. We will open a brighter future by innovating and investing in technologies that push the envelope and developing the best total solutions.

Southern California, Southern Nevada


When we first built our reputation as pioneers in fiber optic cable, OCC made a commitment to quality, performance, and service. Today, we are leaders in the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of high-performance, top-tier cabling and connectivity solutions. Our customers are leaders themselves. They come from a wide range of industries, from mission critical data centers to broadcast networks and from the US military to companies in the Forbes 500. Industry leaders seek us out because our products were designed to be smarter than the most challenging situations, and tougher than the toughest environments. In addition, our innovation and expertise has moved beyond cable products to entire connectivity systems, so you can rely on one convenient source for all your connectivity needs.

Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico

Circa manufactures wired products and surge protection for the electronics and data communications industries.

Southern California

FiberFox America has a full line of innovative Fiber Optic Cable Fusion Splicers, including Core, Active and Ribbon Fiber. Every Fusion Splicer comes with a Thermal Stripper and Precision Cleaver.

Southern California, Southern Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico

Founded in 1978, Shaxon Industries manufactures consumer electronics, Copper and Fiber optic assemblies, custom cable assemblies, computer peripheral cables, audio/video cables, bulk and other network products.